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What to Try (And What to Look Out For...)


Though summer may be over, the reading season never ends! With plenty of new releases to choose from in-store, we’ll be picking out a few highlights from our new releases each week, plus a little extra spotlight on something else we think you’ll find interesting.


First up, we have Tilda is Visible, a new release from Australian author Jane Tara. When Tilda Finch wakes up with one of her fingers missing, she is shocked to discover that she is afflicted by a terrible condition — invisibility! As she attempts to find treatment however, she is met with uncertainty and skepticism from medical professionals and friends alike; and the more invisible she feels, the more invisible she gets. But if the problem isn’t with her body, perhaps it’s something deeper…
    This heartfelt story is for anyone who has felt alienated by their own body; by age, disability, or lack of confidence. Through Tilda’s journey through laughter and tears, Tara explores how self-image and past experience shape the ways in which we present ourselves and define our worth as a person, for better or for worse. Retailing at $34.99, every purchase of Tilda is Visible comes complete with a stylish promotional tote while stocks last, so get in while you can!
Next, fans of Anna Ferguson’s The Vagus Nerve Reset will love Dr Aditi Nerukar’s new self-help book The 5 Resets. As one of Harvard University’s experts in mental health and resilience, Nerukar’s book proposes a new method for dealing with stress and burnout, by attuning it to the natural cycle of our bodies. She argues that while stress is a necessary biological response to challenging stimuli, it becomes problematic when mismanaged in relation to our day to day lives.
    She challenges the notion of ‘resilience’ via lifestyle overhauls and overwork as a solution to stress, and instead posits a series of healthy and practical solutions for dealing with burnout that are less abrasive to the body and mind. For $34.99, The 5 Resets is packed with techniques, support and troubleshooting tips for maintaining a calmer, more positive lifestyle in the face of our stressful, bustling world.
And now, a little dive into something different; Cinxin Liu’s The Three-Body Problem. Despite being originally published in 2006, this novel’s 2014 English translation was nominated for and won the prestigious Hugo Award for Best Novel, being the first Asian-translated novel to do so. And now, ten years after the fact, a Netflix television series based on the novel is set to release later this month, starring the MCU’s Benedict Wong, and Star Trek’s Rosalind Chao.
    The Three-Body Problem follows the stories of two Chinese scientists living decades apart, and their dramatic convergence in the face of worldwide catastrophe. In 1967, a young Ye Wenjie witnesses the death of her father during the Chinese cultural revolution — jaded with humanity, she pursues her own studies, which lead her deep into a mysterious government facility. Meanwhile, nanotech engineer Wang Miao is tasked with solving the mystery behind a series of suicides by prominent scientists, forced to race against time as a mysterious, otherworldy countdown ticks on. But toward what? At $22.99, be sure to pick up a copy of The Three-Body Problem and find out for yourself!
Eleanor Roberts

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